The values of illutron

We pull together as team
Handling 500 tons of steel is not possible without everyone having the mindset off working for the common good of the barge. The return you get out of this approach is tenfold. Everyone should trust that everybody else has this mindset as well. Pulling together as a team requires and ongoing dialogue about vision and direction an important dimension that should not be taken lightly.

Support initiative
We strive towards an informal structure. Don’t confuse this with non-leadership. The structure reveals itself through who takes responsibility, and who takes initiative. Make sure to look for the good intentions in people’s initiatives and find ways to support or improve their process.

Find your role
Finding your role in this projects can be a challenging task. Feel free to ask for help and feel free to say out loud if there is a role you would like to have. Having a role makes the experience much more rewarding. In the end only you can find your role because it relates to the direction you want to go in your life – the barge has proven many times to be a stepping stone for other opportunities.

Give space and respect different needs
Everyone has different needs – some needs a cabin, some needs lots of workspace and some just needs a hug once in a while. Make sure you give space and accommodate other peoples needs. It is your own responsibility to verbalize your needs to the community.

Everyone is an artist hence nobody is an artist
Everybody pulls together to make art and everyone contributes to the art. Therefore the role of being “the” artist is non existing.

Disagreeing on aesthetics should be done with mutual respect
We are different we have different approaches and different solutions and that is okay. This is what makes the barge project interesting and no one should feel personally threatened because their style is questioned it should be embraced as opening for dialogue. The dialogue should be filled with mutual respect.

It is your own responsibility to minimise the burden of the collective
If you use a dish – wash it. If you use resources or buy things on the barge account that is not related to the barge projects it is your responsibility to notify the accountants so they can bill you. Be proactive in everything you do so nobody have to ask you to clean the dishes, pay the bill etc. Make sure to notify the Saturday meeting if you put a burden on the ship that seems out of the ordinary.

The person who acts upon something decides on it
We don’t have time to decide everything together so if you take action and do something you also have the freedom and responsibility to decide on how it should be done. Responsibility in the sense that you should be aware of the common good of the community at the barge. Furthermore it is your responsibility to communicate your plans and actions to the rest of the community.

Sunday meeting is your chance to affect direction
Sunday meeting should be kept short and effective. Here bigger decisions can be heard in plenum and everyone who is a member has a vote. Decisions on the Saturday meeting should be treated with the uttermost respect.

Embrace newcomers
Every newcomer should feel welcome and feel that they can participate at some level. No old grumpy men – who knows better and already tried it. So smile. This gives your brain endorphins, and makes for nicer pictures.