The grey whale

As a part of our ongoing investigation of water installations, one small experiment was carried out: how to design a water a fountain / cannon which automatically reloads and is controlled from the dock. This was done by placing a long steel pipe filled with sea water and compressed air would be used to shoot out water in a fountain of up to 10 meters. The brilliant part of the design was in the simplicity and the rigidness of the construction. It would quickly reload, enabling it to make multiple shots in a row and it did not have any fragile mechanical parts on the water side.

Aesthetically speaking all you could see was a small pipe sticking up in the water. When the release button was pressed a water fountain would appear and the sound it generated resembled the sound of whales when spurting water.

This project was a part of a larger exploration with Xperia Studio. We want to convey the message to the world that technology should be designed to be remixed, hacked and customized by its users. The process was filmed, and will published as part of a larger promotion about the phones.

Credits: Christian Liljedahl